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All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars)

All prices are in Australian Dollars, you can convert this online using currency converters to your local currency.
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Cabin AC Performance Test stock car vs interchiller
41c (106f) Cabin AC Performance Test

On a typical 20-25c (68-77f) day we expect to see 40-45rwhp with our interchiller, power gains at the track are often even higher, since cars build up heat-soak while staging and before a run. The chiller is cooling during this time and only getting it colder.

The retention of HP will be more on a hotter day, we lost 77rwhp with the interchiller turned off on a dyno on a 37c (99f) day This indicates how much power can be lost on hot days or when the blower is heat-soaked.

It is especially useful in drag racing since after you do your burnout your IAT’s are now very hot, you have no air flow and are only going to keep heat soaking the blower….where as with the chiller we can leave the line with 0-10c (32-50f) or less intake temps.

It’s perfect for daily driving and has been in use on many cars now for several years daily driven.

Stage 2 upgrade:

We also do the same heads we run on our 148mph VF GTS
LSA/LS3 Cylinder Head Shoot out:

(All cars require a Race Chiller + Comp Solenoid, the only variable is if we have the kit pre made to suit your car such as pre made hoses and/or CNC fittings to adapt into the AC lines, as example we do CNC fittings for almost every GM make of car, we do a plug and play kit for the trackhawks and hellcats, everything else is a universal kit. We can do any car with any blower or turbo as long as it has AC and a water to air intercooler) Some people fear making the AC hoses thinking “ohh no this is going to be too hard”, this part of the install is actually the easiest and generally is completed within 45min you can see how to crimp hoses here for how simple it truly is:

Product Price Combined with an interchiller Combined with interchiller + another product
Race Chiller + Comp Solenoid (suits any model car) $2295 AUD
Stage 2 Upgrade $1200 AUD
LSA Lid Spacer $550 AUD
20mm LSA Lid Spacer $650 AUD
20mm LSA Lid Spacer with water/meth injection $1185 AUD
LS3/LSA/LS9/L77/L98 Blower Spacer Plates $450 AUD $420 AUD $400 AUD
LS1/LS2 Blower Spacer Plates $450 AUD $420 AUD $400 AUD
LS7 Blower Spacer Plates $500 AUD $480 AUD $480 AUD
LT4/LT5  Blower Spacer Plates + thermal blanket + PCV valve $600 AUD $580 AUD $580 AUD
Hellcat/Trackhawk/Demon plates + blanket $600 AUD $550 AUD $550 AUD
Thermal Barrier Blanket 520mmx295mm $100 AUD
Foam insulation for 12L VE-VF reservoir $80 AUD
12L VE-VF Reservoir $550 AUD $525 AUD $525 AUD
1.7gal Chevy SS/Pontiac G8 Reservoir $500 AUD $470 AUD $450 AUD
½ a spare wheel 19L (5gal) trunk tank $550 AUD
Welding Work
Strengthen LSA Intercooler Brick $230 AUD
Convert LSA brick to AN-12 $285 AUD
Workshop Tools
LSA intercooler Brick Repair/test rig $285 AUD
Laser cut LSA repair plates $8ea AUD
AN-16 LSA hose & fittings kit to suit chiller/reservoir/intercooler pump adapters $675 AUD
CNC Porting
CNC head porting LSA/LS9/LS3/L77/L98 $1595 AUD
Kong 2650 Supercharger
Kong Performance LSA 2650* $8800 AUD
2.65″, 2.75″, 3″, 3.25″, 3.5″ LSA pulley* $150 AUD
2.4″, 2.65″, 2.75″, 3″, 3.25″, 3.5″ Griptec LSA pulley* $290 AUD
Nick Williams 112mm Polished Throttle Body* $1500 AUD
Nick Williams 112mm Black Throttle Body* $1550 AUD
Circle D Transmissions
Level 4 Circle D 6L90E Rebuild Kit $3490 USD Call to order
Intercooler Pump
Reprogrammed EMP Pump $795 AUD
Optional -16AN fittings CNC fitted to the EMP Pump $185 AUD

* Price of the Kong supercharger is subject to change based on the AUD to USD at the time of purchasing.

AN Fittings for 12L Reservoir Price
Reservoir (Fittings for rubber hose)
1x AN-12 45 degree pushlock style for rubber hose
1x AN-12 90 degree pushlock style for rubber hose
$90 AUD
AN Fittings for Interchiller Price
Interchiller (Fittings for rubber hose)
2x AN-12 90 degree pushlock style for rubber hose
$90 AUD

All prices are in Australian Dollars, you can convert this online using currency converters to your local currency.

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