Magnuson 2650 LT1 Corvette

Magnuson 2650 LT1 Corvette complete kit

$12,050 AUD delivered to your door/workshop

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  • New patent pending TVS2650R high flow supercharger
  • Highest efficiency positive displacement supercharger available in the market delivers maximum performance with dramatically lower inlet air temperatures
  • Two massive air-to-water charge air coolers with 85%+ effectiveness
  • Low restriction inlet design
  • OEM validated components ensures consistent and reliable performance
  • Same rotating components as TVS 2650 on GM LT5 engine
  • Fits under the factory hood of Corvette and Camaro
  • No cutting of hood or cowl
  • Includes fit kit, including coil relocation brackets
  • 30% increase in airflow over TVS2300 Heartbeat systems
  • 1,200 HP capable with appropriate engine upgrades

Take your Corvette to the next level with Magnuson’s TVS2650 Magnum Supercharger System! With high horsepower in mind, the Magnum’s monster inlet design can support up to 1200 HP with appropriate engine modifications. The system has been designed to fit under the hood of a stock C7, all while featuring two massive charge air coolers for maximum cooling capability.

At Magnuson, we only use the highest quality components in our supercharger kits. Everything you need to supercharge your Corvette is included, right down to detailed step-by-step installation instructions. Order yours today and unleash the power of a Magnum Supercharger on your Corvette!




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