Blower Spacer Plates LS1/LS2

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  • Same plates used on our LSA HSV GTS
  • Dyno proven HP gains
  • Isolate the supercharger from the engine
  • Prevent heat soaking the blower
  • Gain back ignition timing
  • O-rings for the perfect seal to the heads
  • Stealth Installation

Lets isolate the blower from the motor to stop the absorption of 110c (230f) engine heat into the blower, sounds like a good idea? and the blower spacers were born.

Thermal Reduction Blower Spacer Plates

Thermal reduction blower spacer plates help to reduce heat transfer caused by the supercharger sitting directly on the cylinder heads and spacing the charger up off the valley of the engine. The supercharger being in direct contact with the cylinder heads and sitting directly over the valley of the engine reduces thermal efficiency and heat is always the enemy in positive displacement superchargers. With the Thermal reduction plates the blower will operate significantly colder, reducing heat soak and increasing consistency. The air entering the combustion chamber will average lower temps and be denser, allowing a HP gain and when tuning more ignition timing thus again more HP.

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None, Thermal blanket (+$100)