How does a Universal Interchiller kit adapt to my car?

Pictured above is a universal kit – this kit suits any car.

Our interchiller can be installed on any car, with any type of turbo or supercharger, with any type of fuel.
Including cars that run on 100% alcohol, E85, Methanol, Meth injection, Race fuel, Petrol and Diesel.
As long as the car has or you install a water to air intercooler.
And the car has AC, or you install an AC compressor and AC condenser (eg a drag car may not have AC however installing a compressor and condenser you can dedicate this just to the chiller).

All of the cars that we do ALL OF THEM started out as a universal kit.
We do the universal kits in 1 of 2 ways or a combination of both when required:

1. This is so easy and the most common install – if the car has rubber AC hoses and these are a conventional size (95% of cars are) then we simply have you cut and crimp a fitting into the rubber AC lines, this is SAE rated to 2500psi and will not leak. This can be completed on the car in 30sec per connection.

Because we have installed our kits on so many different makes and models we do have a very large data base that we are able to reference to know what size hoses you have and what fittings will be required.

You can measure the OD (Outside Diameter) of your AC hoses to confirm what size hoses you have.
If your measurements are close to the below specs you can email us and we can let you know if this will work.
Please let us know your hose sizes in either millimeters or thou.

2. If rubber hoses are not an option and you have metal hard lines we provide alloy braze in barbs. You simply braze them into your AC lines with a brazing rod and a propane blow torch, very similar to soldering. Or you can have them welded into the lines.

Here you can see the AC liquid line, this line has no viable connection point for our interchiller to plug into.
We have cut the hardline and brazed in the aluminum barbs, as supplied with the universal kit.
This has allowed us to convert the metal hard line to be a conventional rubber hose:

Now we can see below that after converting to conventional rubber hose we can now install our T-piece to direct the refrigerant to the cabin and chiller as well as the solenoid to have ON/OFF control of blocking refrigerant going to the cabin:

But I have no idea how to braze???
No problem at all brazing is very simple, we can supply you with burgabraze as an option with your kit. In this video below you will see even a trained monkey can braze. If you still do not feel confident you can have your mechanic or fabricator either braze or weld for you.
Really great 3min video on how to braze

A universal kit is better in several ways to a plug in kit, as we can keep the suction line from the chiller to compressor nice and short, this results in a larger vacuum on the chiller (higher refrigerant turn over rate) as well as increased compressor cooling, which result in colder intake temps. As well as less energy loss to the engine bay and ambient environment from having a nice short suction hose.

Image showing suction line connection returning refrigerant back to the AC compressor.

We use universal kits on all of the Audi, BMW’s, Lamborghini’s, McLaren’s and Mercedes that we do along with many other cars too (many of which can be seen on our latest builds page of our website) as well as our YouTube channel.

Universal kit on the Lamborghini

There is nothing special about any of these cars, it’s just an AC system.

As long as you view it as simple as what it is, all cars become the same.

As above you can see this is the general layout of an AC system with a chiller, the compressor and lines might be on the other side of the car depending on your model but that’s all there is too it. No matter what make and model car you have they are all the same.

We simply determine if we are 1. cutting a rubber hose or 2. welding/brazing a fitting into a hard line. Otherwise it is as simple as it looks we are ONLY fitting a 2nd evaporator “the chiller” to the AC system and installing a solenoid.

The water side is also just as uncomplicated see below:

When you ask can you do my car?
The answer is yes we can, we can do any car and have likely already completed a kit for you car.

“Some” examples of universal Kits and as you can see some of these car are our most popular kits like the Hellcat, Trackhawk models.

“some” specific fittings to suit but 99% universal kit

This is a universal kit however we pre make the hoses for stage 1, stage 2 you make the hoses (hoses are extremely DIY, easy and can be made at home)

Stage 1 factory FG we pre make the hoses, stage 2 you make the hoses (hoses are extremely DIY, easy and can be made at home)