FI Interchillers – Interchillers for water to air intercooler systems


Turning any temperature into freezing cold winter!

Forced Induction Interchillers specialises in interchillers for water to air intercooler systems, resulting in well below ambient intake temps that can be as low as 0c (32F) for IAT.

  • Race track safe

  • No condensation leaks

  • Below ambient intake temps

  • No performance loss with cabin AC

  • Protects engine from pre ignition – improves fuel consumption

  • Dyno proven HP gains

  • Gain back ignition timing

  • Stealthy installation

  • Patented design

  • Entire system warranty

  • Great customer service

Thanks to FI Interchillers for the excellent Customer/Tech Support. They went above and beyond to help us (@tnamotorsport) via phone and FaceTime from California and Australia. This is hands down my favourite mod so far. Thanks again! Can't wait to test it at the track (it was still cooling below 26F). If you're running a Supercharger, this is a must to get those Intercooler Temperatures way below ambient temps.

Team TNA

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