LSA Lid Spacer Strength test

If you ever had a concern about how strong our plastics are that we use, this is the same material we use for all of our spacer plates.

A good customer Rick unfortunately had his boost reference line come off his fuel regulator which caused a lean backfire at LS Fest and blew the lid off the supercharger as well as damage the intercooler brick and blower.

However since we use such high grade plastics our plate didn’t even budge. If it were a weaker plastic it would have pushed out and relieved the pressure build up. Whilst this is unfortunate for Rick it shows how good our spacers are and what they can withstand.

Look closely it’s ripped the bolts/bolt tabs away from the lid housing from almost all the way around the entire lid, that’s an extreme amount of pressure to break the metal lid.

Our plates are made from a very high heat rejection composite plastic, carbon and other materials make up the composite to give such high levels of strength.

RCR blow up 1
RCR blow up 2