Why is the CTS V1 & V2 stage 2 only?

In short the AC system of both the V1 and V2 are crap, the CTS V3 is totally fine.
As such we only support the V1 and V2 with our stage 2 kit.

Why is the AC system crap?
It appears that whoever designed the appearance of the V1 and V2 did not consider how close to the engine the radiator and AC condenser are, (if you own a V1 or V2 CTS V you will know it’s stupid close especially when you compare it to other LSA powered cars). Where as example a 5th Gen Camaro you can do a lower pulley swap in 10-15min where as on the CTSV you have to take the radiator and fans out.

Because the engine radiator and condenser are close to the engine, air flow coming out of them is impacted.
The AC system specifically the AC condenser relies on air flow for cooling, without it you have no cooling. With these issues surrounding the air flow this impacts the performance of the AC system.

In addition to this, the factory AC compressor appears to be overdriven to compensate for the lack of cooling the car has, whilst this helps it’s a band aid and does not fix the underlying cause.

For these reasons we ONLY support the V1 and V2 CTS-V with our stage 2 kit.
We have yet to note this issue on any other model car and we have done loads of them, which you can see here a full list of all cars we have ever done: http://fiinterchillers.com/have-we-made-a-kit-for-your-model/

When fitted with our stage 2 kit you can expect good results, nice and cold intake temps, and a cold cabin temperature, like in the video below.