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114f outside air temp, Jeep Trackhawk Interchiller

Do I need a Forced Induction Interchiller? 🤷‍♂️
114f (45.5c) outside air temperature
51f (10.5c) intercooler fluid temperature in Cameron’s Jeep Trackhawk running in CABIN AND CHILLER MODE 😜 (nice and cold in the cabin and the charger at the same time)

This is fitted with our stage 2 kit
However Cameron hasn’t yet fitted our blower spacers and thermal blanket which are soon to be installed and drop temps even lower

This shows you just how effective our system is in very hot conditions or when you have a heat soaked blower

Jeep Trackhawk 114f review 1 Jeep Trackhawk 114f review 2

And this was an at home install!!!
Jeep Trackhawk 114f review 3