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2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Interchiller Review

It’s great hearing back positive feedback from our customers, this one came in today from Kevin on his 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8:

” Hello Kirk. The installation is complete on my challenger. The results are excellent! Upon the recharge of the system the chiller frosted up quickly. Cabin temps are very cold with the solenoid engaged. With cabin cooling on the intercooler water temps sit at 39 degrees. With cabin temps off the water temp sits at 31. This is in the garage with the car parked with no air flow into the condenser. Ambient temperature was 74 degrees. I would imagine drive down the road the temps will be a cold as they can be. I will report the intake temperature results to you as soon as I have them.
I want to thank you for the fast response and the fast shipping of my kit and to express to you my appreciation of the very clear and detailed install instructions and video you included! I have included some pictures for you of my install. If any of your customers have any questions for the Challenger install feel free to point them to me. I will help as much as possible.
Thanks again!!