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Dave 1/4 mile interchiller consistency

Dave’s interchiller is fitted to his bolt on modded ZL1, he recently did many back to back runs and gave the following review after doing many back to back runs some with only minutes between runs:

This is the reason I have one. Instead of waiting an hour in between runs. When I get done a run, I can get right back in line and run right away under the same conditions. The car pretty much recovers back to 20 deg IAT2 BELOW ambient on they way back to the lanes. Just did this Saturday and even botched the launch on the 2nd run and ran only about a tenth difference.

If you are letting you car cool for 2 hours between passes, and not waiting in long staging lanes you might not see a difference, but if you want to hot lap it consistency it’s a nice thing to have. Here are a bunch of slips (car #4).

We have broken the times down for you here:
11:20am 11.045 @ 129.02mph
11:27am 10.979 @ 129.38mph
11:31am 10.966 @ 127.57mph
12:11pm 11.100 @ 127.73mph
12:21pm 10.988 @ 127.55mph
2:27pm 10.838 @ 128.55mph
3:27pm 10.819 @ 130.43mph
3:33pm 10.981 @ 128.31mph
4:03pm 11.122 @ 129.02mph