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Will’s Reservior

When we installed the chiller on Wills car we informed him like we inform most people his intercooler pump is crap, he had decent results from the chiller but now since changing to the top of the line pump we recommend his temps are way down, he has also taken our advice of installing a custom made reservoir and in todays hot humid weather these were the results. This is an LS1 with the older style magnuson 2300 that usually run 50-60c intake temps, he is now getting 18c chiller only and 22c with cabin and chiller. Next step is installing blower spacer plates which get the blower off the engine and will drop the temps even further.

(Condensation build up is generally not a problem when drag racing as you have the bonnet open in the pits, there is plenty of air and you’re not trapping it to form condensation).