Ram TRX Reservoir Tank


Ram TRX Tank

When you are under wide open throttle without a tank, your entire fluid volume is doing a complete lap of the system every 2sec, meaning every 2sec your fluid temp is multiplying.

By adding in the tank you are buying yourself just over a minutes worth of fluid volume, meaning the temp of the fluid will remain stable the entire time you are under wide open throttle so your intake temps will be colder. As well as this the recovery speed after you get off the throttle will also be faster as the unused fluid in the tank will provide an immediate recovery of your intercoolers.

  • Adds 3gal of additional fluid capacity
  • -16AN fittings
  • Includes 16AN hose, hose barbs (see instructional video below)
  • 4x CNC Billet mounts for a secure tank that can handle OFF ROAD duties*

Utilizing all of the available space for maximum capacity, instead of simply sitting the tank on the factory plastics and potentially wrecking the plastic with the weight we are using them with 4x CNC billet mounting points and rubber mounting cups, this tank is built tough and built right.

*We have tested off road but make absolutely no guarantees the tank will survive off roading.

4x CNC Billet mounts

With rubber inserts secure the tank to the factory location from inside the tank and on the outside of the tank, perfect for off roading.

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Standard 1" barbs, Convert inlet/outlet to -16AN (+$185)