LSA Ported Heads


Suits: LSA, LS3, LS9, L76, L77, L98, L92

LSA ported head

(only available to Australian customers)

Every LSA product we sell is based around making our drag car as fast as possible.
With that passion comes the search for what is the best LSA/LS3 based cylinder head?

It’s well known that previously we were running a very expensive set of aftermarket heads, once we figured out we could better those results it was a no brainer to switch back to the stock casting.

The results: were smaller ports that actually have a higher CFM and velocity! something that is difficult to achieve on a stock casting. Proving that bigger isn’t always better.

We flow tested many cylinder heads, along with CC-ing the ports and finding the minimum (CSA) cross sectional area to work out velocity. All of this data collection was for our benefit to find the winning combo. This included well known Australian brands that are often advertised as “the best” however whilst they were okay, they certainly were not the best.

In our 2014 VF GTS weighing in at 1988kg (4382lbs) we averaged 146-148mph on our cylinder heads over the 1/4 mile on the stock bottom end LSA. Not only are our cylinder heads proven on the flow bench, they are proven on the dyno and most importantly the track.

Our cylinder head port design started it’s life as a hand ported head, extreme care was taken to optimise both intake and exhaust without going too big and losing velocity. On a supercharged application exhaust evacuation is critical, our exhaust port actually made many aftermarket heads look average. From this point we have digitised the port design into a CNC program.

What we are offering is the exact same port design and valve job we run on our drag car, THE BEST LSA/LS3 HEAD we are currently aware of on a stock casting.

FII LSA Ported heads

BLUE: Stock LSA Intake
PINK: Stock LSA Exhaust

LSA Head Flow Data

What to look for when looking at flow figures:

On the LS platform many people run a camshaft with a peak lift between 0.500-0.650. For this reason you want as much flow and velocity across the entire lift range (0.050-0.650) not just at peak valve lift. The camshaft is only ever briefly at peak lift, so your average flow figures across the entire range are what count the most.

Why you should port your heads:

EVERY modification you make that increases horsepower does so because some how what you did improved the engines ability to process more air.
That is a simple but powerful statement that summarizes the nature of whats going on in your engine.
A larger cold air intake, better air filter, better exhaust system, ported snout, ported blower, more boost by spinning the blower faster, camshaft swap…etc. All of these items will improve an engines ability to either get more air in or get more air out. Now realise every single one of these items must directly involve the air passing through the cylinder heads which is the path leading to and exiting the combustion process.

Your intake/exhaust valves and cylinder heads represent the largest restriction in the airflow pipeline….. improving the intake and exhaust flow paths of any cylinder head has a direct and large effect on the output of the engine and all of the other systems mentioned play a supporting role in feeding (or evacuating) the cylinder heads.

If you’re looking to build a really optimised, blown engine or naturally aspirated engine don’t overlook the heads because that’s where all of the real power is made.

Price: Send us your stock cast LSA, LS3, LS9, L76, L77, L98, L92 cylinder heads and we can turn them into a killer combo for $1595 AUD

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