Stage 2 Upgrade

The Stage 2 upgrade is for anyone looking for the maximum from their car, or if you live in extremely hot conditions. It is an overall improvement to the entire AC system resulting in colder cabin and chiller temps. It is not limited to drag race only use, its for any car, in any climate.

LSA Interchiller

The coldest fluid temp so far achieved on the LSA are:

  • -22.1c (-7.78f) on a 13c (55.4f) night
  • -20c (-4f) on a 20c (68f) day
  • -6c (21.2f) on a 38c (100.4f) day

38c (100.4f) Ambient temp:

20c (68f) Ambient temp:

13c (55.4f) Ambient temp: