Portable Interchiller System

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Do you take drag racing or circuit racing seriously?
Do you own/run a race team?
Do you own/run an engine or chassis dyno?
Or are you sick and tired of using ice at the track?

This is our new portable stand alone interchiller system which can be used on any vehicle fitted with a water to air intercooler (turbo or supercharger) we’ve gotten it as cold as -30.0c (-21.9f)

portable interchiller system 1
Condensing unit made in the USA 🇺🇸
Chiller/invention made in Australia 🇦🇺

How to use:

The system is designed to be portable, a typical example of using it would be drive the car over to your trailer, hook up the portable chiller system to your reservoir tank, turn the car off and chill the volume of fluid you have stored in the reservoir tank. Place your intercooler pump on an ON/OFF switch and only turn ON your intercooler pump when it’s time to do your next run (there’s no point in wasting the freezing cold fluid until you do your pass). After the pass repeat the process again.

Or run a separate tank system dedicated to the portable chiller system and simply remove/replace your fluid between runs so the change over process will be fast and you will have 2-3x 20L (5gal) drums of fluid freezing cold ready to go at all times of the day.


It’s very effective and completely eliminates the need for ice. During tuning you are able to simulate any possible intake air temp for adding or removing ignition timing when cold or hot…there is no more guess work of when to add/remove (ignition timing vs temperature vs RPM).
With such cold fluid temps you will see a reduction in boost pressure (cold dense air vs hot expanding air) which also allows a more aggressive tuning scope

portable interchiller system 3.1

Workshop uses:

The portable interchiller system can also be used as a tuning tool for tuning customer cars on an engine dyno or chassis dyno, enabling you to simulate any possible intake air temp from extremely cold to turning it off and heat soaking, enabling you to remove all guess work of when to add/remove (ignition timing vs temperature vs RPM) something you are simply unable to do without having the ability to control temperature….unless using one of our interchillers.

It can also be used as a selling tool, for the on car interchiller systems that we offer, you could tune a customers car which isn’t fitted with a chiller and then show them live on the dyno a before/after comparison of how much HP they would gain if they did have a chiller.

What about condensation?

Condensation is extremely easy to deal with and we have been dealing with it for years now, simply foam insulate your tank and lines, you can also use anti condensation paints for any metal surfaces that you are unable to foam insulate.

portable interchiller system 4

What about freezing my intercooler over with ice?

The system is designed to cool the volume of fluid in your reservoir tank, as such you should treat this volume of fluid just like you would treat an ice box. You can drive your car from the pits to staging lanes just be sure to not turn ON your intercooler pump until it’s time to complete your pass, it will be up to you to figure out if you should turn your intercooler pump ON just prior to your burnout or just after and which results in the coldest possible temps down track. Your goal is to store the freezing cold fluid until it’s time to complete your pass, keeping the tank nice and insulated will result in you rolling into the start line turning ON your intercooler pump and intake temps dropping as cold as possible.

portable interchiller system 2

Race Teams:

Do you own/run a race team, or simply want the most HP possible all the time, well this is now a viable option to cool the cars intercooler fluid down between passes or even circuit race cars.


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