LSA 9sec Camshaft


LSA 9sec Camshaft
427ci LS Camshaft

First time ever we have made this camshaft available to the public, however since we no longer have an interest in racing the LSA platform it is now available to the public.

Custom grind camshaft based on specific valve events to suit the 6.2L LSA or LS3/L98/L77 engine with a supercharger of any kind.
When this camshaft is paired with our CNC heads it is the only cam proven to run a 9.700ET on the stock bottom end 1900 LSA Blower in a full weight VF GTS (see video).
With a best MPH at Sydney of 146.6mph and at Heathcote of 148.3mph

22X/23X 11X LSA 620/620
Package includes camshaft only.

Camshaft is well mannered it idles at 750-800rpm, street driveabilty is normal and does not push on the converter, you also do not require an aftermarket converter.
This cam is designed to make extremely good use of a positive displacement supercharger such as the LSA 1900, Kong 2650, Magnuson 2300/2650, Harrop 2300/2650, Whipple of any size small or large.

Idle clip:

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