Hellcat Spacer Plates Servicing

If you remove your supercharger from the car after the plates have been in use. Say for example to have the charger ported. When re-installing the supercharger the o-rings and plates need to be correctly cleaned of oil.

How to clean the plates and o-rings:

For some mechanics what is listed below is what you have/are probably already doing as you know how to handle oily o-rings, with that in mind not everyone knows how to handle this so we will explain how best to clean them.

What needs to be done is you need remove the o-rings from the cylinder head side of the plates and clean them, then wipe the plates down. With compressed air blow any oil off the plates/o-ring groves. If you remove the plates from the blower to do this then clean all of the o-rings on both sides, if the plates remain on the blower you should only need to clean the cylinder head side of the plates.

Wipe down the cylinder heads, then carefully try to line up the blower on to the cylinder heads without having to align it many times as there is the possibility of o-rings being pulled out from their o-ring groves.

This service measure is to ensure the plates, o-ring and o-ring groves are free of oil which will cause any possible re-install issues from happening.

During engine operation oil build up on the plates is not an issue, as the weight of the blower and tension of the bolts are holding all o-rings in place and sealed tightly, only when the plates are removed and tension is removed the plates are allowed to sit oil can then make its way around the o-rings and into the o-ring grove.


This is not required on the initial install as the plates, o-ring and o-ring grove are all oil free at this point, only the blower and cylinder heads should be wiped down and free of any oil.
With that in mind if removing the super charger from the car after the plates have been in use, ensure you clean your o-rings, plates and o-ring groves of any oil before re-installing.

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