L83 L84 L86 L87 Truck Spacers HPFP clearance

  • Gaining clearance for the HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) on the L83, L84, L86, L87 engines
  • Lowers intake temps
  • Reduces heat soak
  • Gain back ignition timing
  • Gain HP/TQ

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Gaining clearance for the HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) on the L83, L84, L86, L87 engines has always been an issue with many installers resorting to grinding away material on the blower making some serious alterations simply to make it simply fit the engine.
Here is an example of a Whipple supercharger needing to be modified to clear the high-pressure fuel pump.

With our LT4 spacers which also suit LT1, LT5, L83 L84 L86 L87 no modifications are required at all, fitment is perfect.

Spacers have been designed to not only port match the intake ports, but also include built in O-rings for a leak proof seal, boost tested on turbo applications up to 45psi without any leaks.

The kit includes our thermal blanket, PCV extension (as used on the LT4 platform) and bolts which suit the LT4 (may not suit aftermarket blowers).
If you require longer bolts you simply need 10mm longer than what you currently use.

Not only is there the benefit of clearing the fuel pump without modification but you will also see lowered intake temps, colder intercooler fluid temps, increasing both HP/TQ usually in the range of 20-25rwhp, blower running temp is generally 15-30F colder when the spacers and blanket kit are installed.

On the LT1 platform (possibly other platforms) a minor modification to the plate on 1 bank is needed to allow clearance for the fuel line.
Order your set now: https://fiinterchillers.com/product/lt1-lt2-lt4-lt5-l83-l86-blower-spacer-plates/