AN-12 Pushlock water fittings


Our interchiller is fitted with male AN-12 water inlet/outlets this allows the use of swivel AN-12 water fittings.
For our chiller you will require 2x AN-12 90 degree pushlock fittings, you may also want to use these fittings on other areas of the car such as a reservoir or intercooler pump.
The pushlock aspect of the fitting allows you to simply push a 3/4″ rubber hose on to the fitting without the use of a hose clamp, where the hose will simply lock in place.

AN fittings were originally created by the US military that dates back to World War II and stems from a joint standard agreed upon by the Army and Navy, hence AN.
AN fittings are used on fuel systems, nitrous hoses and water hoses for a 100% leak proof seal.

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AN-12 Pushlock Water Fittings

AN-12 90 Degree Pushlock, AN-12 45 Degree Pushlock