C&R Racing Hellcat Intercooler Bricks


Hellcat Intercooler Bricks

(This is a direct drop in replacement brick for the Hellcat bricks used in: Hellcat, Ram TRX, Trackhawk, Redeye, Demon etc )
This is the new C&R Racing intercooler brick with the PWR Bar and plate intercooler brick, suits all hellcat based engines.
It uses bar and plate technology developed by PWR’s Defence and Aerospace division, this cools WAY better than the stock tube and fin intercooler brick, it is larger so the air has more contact surface for cooling, it also flows more CFM (air/oxygen) and being a bar and plate it also flows more coolant volume which again results in colder intake temps.
This brick drastically outperforms the factory hellcat brick.

  • More CFM
  • More Cooling
  • More Coolant flow
  • Thicker Brick
  • Stronger brick
  • Stronger billet end tanks


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