10mm LSA Lid Spacer


It is clearly obvious that the stock lid design inhibits air flow to the rear cylinders in both banks indicated by the red arrow. The Lid spacers inhibit heat transfer into the lid, they also improve air flow to the rear cylinders on both banks as well as aid in the air flow from the blowers discharge port to the intercooler brick face due to the added air gap between the discharge port and the intercooler brick. This allows the compressed air to take less of a “bend” to use the intercooler bricks entire surface area.

Our LSA lid spacer has no silicone involved at all…none we have made a custom O-ring for it, there are no cuts or joins in the O-ring either, it has proven to give colder intake temperatures but also in addition it’s able to allow more air to get to the rear cylinders as you can see in the picture above of the rear of the supercharger it is actually a very big restriction to air flow this will allow more air and more HP to be gained, along with the reduction in intake temperatures by isolating the lid and intercooler brick from the hot supercharger casing.

Comes with:

  • Internal o-ring
  • Longer bolts
  • Internal Plate
  • External plate with external o-ring pre installed

LSA Lid Spacer
LSA Lid Spacer


resized crap spacer

Vision Automotive in Sunshine North VIC completed an independent dyno:

resized crap spacer

DPM Dale Patterson Motorsports VIC completed an independent dyno:</h3
DPM Dyno LSA Lid Spacer

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