Magnuson 2650 Tub Spacer


Magnuson 2650 Tub Spacer suits LS3/LS7

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Once sold out, very unlikely to be ever sold again. We wanted to make this spacer for our car, we do not predict a high demand for this product and have no current intentions to make anymore than the current 20 units (if you’re a workshop you may wish to buy multiple sets/stockpile). The only way we have been able to keep the pricing down on this is because we used the internal “waste” material to be used for 1″ Hellcat spacers. Otherwise this extremely expensive custom made 1″ billet would be costing a lot more than the below pricing. The spacer is 1″ thick, made from the same billet composite material we have custom made in Germany to our own specifications to withstand very high temperatures and pressure as well as having extremely good thermal reduction properties. You can see exactly how strong our material is here: Why 1″ thick? Simple the IAT sensor location on the Magnuson 2650 is poorly placed, as such it suffers heat soak from:
1. Cylinder head temperature
2. Blower running temperature through the housing
3. Reversion up the intake port (based on your camshaft).

The IAT sensor doesn’t stand a chance to ever read true air temperature (as you have likely experienced).
The 1″ Magnuson plate has been drilled and tapped at the back on the same side to place the IAT sensor, the insulating properties of the spacer will not allow the sensor to suffer heat soak.Air flow! It is very clear that if we increase the available space below the intercooler this will allow better air flow from the supercharger rotors to fan out to the intake ports vs being too close and the air smashing into the base of the blower which causes an increased back pressure/workload on the rotors to flow air. By increasing this distance a massive 1″ the air will have more time and available area to fan out. The air will be under less resistance and the rotors will be under less back pressure/load.
Intercooler Isolation: Being a downwards discharge blower, the intercooler brick is way too close to the belly of the blower as such 100-110c (212-230f) engine temperature is 100% absorbing into the blower case and then into the intercooler. By spacing up the intercooler 1″ we are moving it further away from the heat source of the engine as well as the spacers very high thermal reduction properties to isolate the upper housing/intercooler from the lower manifold tub, engine and heads. (We would also strongly recommend the use of our thermal blanket on the belly of the blower. You can also use our LS3 or LS7 blower spacers which would further lower running temps.

Replacement of the factory rubber cord: We were actually disgusted with Magnusons use of a cord instead of a 1-piece o-ring. We would have assumed a company like Magnuson wouldn’t have used a cord, let alone cut the cord on a 90 degree angle (normally you cut at 45 so the 2 ends seal on each other) and then their use of silicone/glue for this cord. That was really lacking that last 5% of engineering you would normally expect. As such we are supplying all kits with a replacement custom made o-ring to replace the cord as well as the spacer also having it’s own o-ring. You will not require silicone/glue for our 1 piece o-ring.

Testing: None, nothing haven’t tested it, don’t plan on testing it, plan on fitting it and making more power. Made it so we can go faster. This is a unicorn part, there is zero intention of ever making it again. We made it because we wanted it for our own car. We made it because we are confident it will work just like all of our other spacers. We made 20 because it’s far cheaper per unit to make 20 than 1.

What comes in a kit?
Everything needed is supplied!
1x Spacer plate with pre installed o-ring
1x Replacement o-ring for replacing factory cord
8x Injector spacers anodized matte black to suit LS3/LSA/LS9/LS7/L76/L92/L99 style injectors including methanol resistant o-rings
1x Automotive grade hose clamps for the silicone hose
2x 8.8 grade socket head screws 1″ longer than stock
16x 10.9 grade flange head bolts 1″ longer than stock
12.9 grade socket head screw 1″ longer than stock
(All of these grades are equal to or greater than the stock rating)
(A lot more require than just a spacer plate as you can see)

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