EMP intercooler pump Vs LSA intercooler pump

In the video below you will see a comparison between two mid 9sec LSA’s. Both running near identical boost, both fitted with our interchiller and both with reservoirs. However one is fitted with a reprogrammed EMP intercooler pump, with -16 hose and the other is fitted with the LSA intercooler pump. The data logs show that when you can pump your intercooler fluid as fast as possible and reduce your flow restrictions as much as possible it will net even colder intake air temps whilst under boost.

Results in celsius:
LSA intercooler pump 12c start line temp, 46c finish line temp = 34c temperature delta
EMP intercooler pump 11c start line temp, 31c finish line temp = 20c temperature delta

Results in fahrenheit:
LSA intercooler pump 53.6f start line temp, 114.8f finish line temp = 61.2f temperature delta
EMP intercooler pump 51.8f start line temp, 87.8f finish line temp = 36f temperature delta

Many people assume that you want your fluid to be slow or at a medium flow rate to absorb heat and take it away.
We have tested this many times under all conditions (Idle, part throttle cruise and wide open throttle) Our results show that under all conditions the faster the fluid flows the colder the intake air temps.

These 2 data logs are a perfect example of where it really counts the most, when under wide open throttle.
By no means is the results with the factory LSA intercooler pump “bad”. They are actually really good (far worse “slower” intercooler pumps could have been used) which would have resulted in even higher intake air temps. This data log however shows you with an even higher flow rate you can keep the intake temps even colder.

Both results have far exceeded what a heat exchanger finish line intake air temp would have been.

For more information about on car flow rates of many different intercooler pumps we have the advantage that Lingenfelter conducted a lot of on car flow testing. You can see those results right here: https://fiinterchillers.com/lingenfelter-intercooler-pump-flow-testing-results/

There are 2 very important things you need to understand when looking at intercooler pumps:
1. The advertised flow rate from any pump manufacturer including EMP is from one bucket through some hose and into another bucket this doesn’t account for how the pump will flow when under pressure and having to push through intercoolers, interchillers, heat exchangers, hose with bends and 90 degree fittings etc. We have seen pumps that are 150L per min flow only 4L per min on the car.
2. The intercooler pump supplied with a supercharger kit has a very high chance of being slow to average. Most supercharger manufacturers are trying to compete with each other to sell the charger. When in a kit form they are not going to supply you with a very expensive intercooler pump otherwise they can’t compete on price with the other blowers. Most consumers when buying a blower only think “blower” and “price” and do not consider everything else like the pump, the brand/quality of the fuel injectors etc etc.

For this reason we ONLY recommend 3 brands of intercooler pumps
1. If on a budget use the LSA or varimax pumps both flow 18.2L per min on the car through 3/4″ hose
2. For $100-$200 more buy a reprogrammed EMP intercooler pump which flows 29L per min through 3/4″ or 40L per min through -16
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